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Who We Are

PoweredPik is an ideal entry-level automated e-commerce order fulfillment solution that can be scaled to grow with your operation or to ramp up for peak order requirements. Enhancing productivity and accuracy in e-commerce fulfillment, PoweredPik solutions can help you fill over 30,000 orders per day at 200 to 600 lines per order filler per hour.
  • Mobile picking solutions that  fulfill up to 30,000 orders per day
  • Fill up to 72 orders per cart
  • Integrated PoweredPik  order fulfillment software for intelligent order release, productivity, tracking and reporting
  • Incorporate paper, RF, voice or light-directed picking technologies
  • Customizable Aluminum cart construction
  • Efficiently cluster pick multiple orders at one time
  • Integrates with front-end order processing software, warehouse management systems and installed networks
  • Multipurpose capability for both fulfillment and returns
  • Solutions scale for future growth or peak requirements
  • Fulfill orders up to 60% faster than manual operations
  • Increase capacity and reduce labor
  • Improve order accuracy, on-time shipments and customer satisfaction
  • Improve operational effectiveness with easy-to-use workload planning and order status tools
  • Monitor and adjust your operation in real time

PoweredPik Solutions are Customized for Each Customer's Unique Application:

  • Optimized order batching and cart order building based on pre-defined business rules and order profiles
  • Opportunistic picks based on hot orders or walk paths
  • Optimized order release based on ship time, order commonality and to efficiently fill single-line and multi-line orders
  • Multipurpose cart operation for both fulfillment and returns
  • Easy-to-use management screens that enable real-time monitoring of individual order filler productivity and adjustments based on work   queue and work in progress
  • PoweredPik can be configured for both discrete order and batch picking methodologies using paper lists, RF scanners,  voice commands or pick-to light devices to direct and confirm actions.

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2010 G Ave. Suite 904
Plano, TX 75074

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